Lincolnshire & Humberside

The PPA for Lincolnshire covers 413,169 households.  Within this defined area, our multiplex covers 323,209 (78.2%) of these households.  The total number of households covered by the multiplex is 747,315.

Service Providers

The services that are currently being broadcast are:

If you are interested in running a radio station on this multiplex, please contact us for further information.

If your favourite local station is not listed above, please contact them to register your interest for them to be carried on the multiplex.


In Lincolnshire 46.7% of radio listening is to digital radio. 68.1% of the county have DAB sets.

Data: RAJAR/OFCOM Q3/2017


The multiplex broadcasting with transmitters at Grantham, Belmont, Lincoln and High Hunsely.

Coverage Map

  • Other transmitters may be launched during the licence term to enhance and increase coverage.


The multiplex is owned by MuxCo Lincolnshire Ltd, and launched on 1st October 2015.