Service Providers

The services that are currently being broadcast are:

This multiplex can currently only carry services in DAB.

We currently have room for additional stations to join the multiplex. If you represent a service that would like more information about joining, please submit the questionnaire at the bottom of this page.

If there are any stations that you listen to at the moment on analogue radio that we have not mentioned, we suggest that you contact those stations directly, encouraging them to join the multiplex.


In Somerset 43.9% of all radio listening is through DAB digital radio and two thirds of the country listen to DAB digital radio in an average week.

Data: RAJAR/OFCOM Q3/2019


The multiplex is broadcasting from transmitters at Mendip, Taunton, Hutton and Coker Hill.

Our current coverage is:

Other transmitters may be launched during the licence term to enhance and increase coverage.


The multiplex is owned by Triple MuxCo Somerset Ltd, and launched on 26 September 2014.