The PPA for North Yorkshire covers 371,207 households.  Within this defined area, our multiplex covers 298,225 (80.3%) of these households. The total number of households covered by the multiplex is 503,278.

Service Providers

The services that are currently being broadcast are:

If you are interested in running a radio station on this multiplex, please contact us for further information.


In North Yorkshire 40.8% of all radio listening is through DAB Digital Radio and 64% all radio listeners listen through DAB in an average week.

Data: RAJAR/OFCOM Q3/2019


The multiplex broadcasts from transmitters at Bilsdale, Acklam Wold, Hildebrand Barracks and Olivers Mount.

Our current coverage is:

Other transmitters may be launched during the licence term to enhance and increase coverage.


The multiplex is owned by MuxCo North Yorkshire Ltd, and launched on 17 December 2014.