Northants 96 is a local contemporary hit radio services broadcasting popular chart songs from a wide range of genres.

Classic Gold is a local classic hit led service targeted primarily at over 40s.

Connect FM is the local station for Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough playing adult contemporary and gold hits.

Easy Radio is a music based service playing a range of easy listening genres featuring familiar music from 60s to today and drawn from a broad library. A significant element of the music will be from artists with a country crossover influence including rock, folk and blues. Its unique play list embraces the country classics of The Dixie Chicks to Shania Twain, alongside a broad selection of strong lyrical songs from The Eagles to the Beautiful South, Texas and many more. Easy’s speech, with news, relevant information for the audience and an element of interactive programme, will also act as a point of differentiation.

JACK fm is a music radio station which complements existing local commercial radio by appealing mainly to older adults through a distinctive “no format” blend of quality popular pop / rock and classic rock music and specifically avoiding dance and current pop hits, supported by concise local news and information. The style of the radio station is built around a free sounding theme which, for most of the time, replaces traditional highly formatted radio presentation with listener vox-pops and well produced short voice-links which are distinctive, entertaining and different. However, the focus of the station is with 35 to 54 adults, with a male 40 something as its core target listener – traditionally a demographic that have grown up with commercial radio but have increasingly found themselves switching to music services provided by the BBC, especially BBC Radio 2. JACK fm’s speech proposals will also act as a significant point of difference to existing ervices.

UCB UK will be a station providing contemporary Christian music and classic favourites, together with spoken features including news, Christian teaching and short features offering a Christian perspective on today’s lifestyle.

Traffic Radio will be a continuous traffic and travel service provided by the Highways Agency with information collated from a variety of sources including the National Traffic Control Centre and TrafficLink.

MuxCo will also be broadcasting an ‘Adult Contemporary‘ station, the operator of the service has asked that we submit their name confidentitally. Space has also been reserved for a youth service on the multiplex.

MuxCo W&C will also broadcast BBC Radio Northampton.

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