MuxCo Hereford & Worcester Update – 9th July 2013

Work is underway on this multiplex which is expected to go live in September 2013.

For both Ridge Hill and Malvern TX the  transmitters are expected to be delivered this week (8th July).  Electrical installation is scheduled from 12th August with antenna work on the 19th.  Commissioning is scheduled for 26th August and we anticipate these transmitters will be operational in early September.  Bromsgrove will be commissioned from 2nd September, so anticipated operational from mid-September .

Our transmission subcontractor has been undertaking the design work for the contribution network.  Current delays relating to the BT distribution network may affect telecom delivery and so may impact on launch dates.

3 thoughts on “MuxCo Hereford & Worcester Update – 9th July 2013

  1. Bob Crumpton

    At last.
    It has taken for too long to get DAB for BBC Hereford and Worcester. I am glad that free Radio (Hopefully the Worcestershre version and not Birmingham or Wolverhampton) is to be included.

    I have had a DAB redio permanently waiting for this for 6 years! Surely, your licence was only for 7 years.
    However – I am grateful for small mercies. At last BBC H&W will not be the poor relations of BBC Local Radio. HOORAY!
    By the way, you were originally also going to transmit Radio Gloucestershre from the same transmitters, is that still the case?

  2. nicky Post author

    Hi Bob

    It has taken longer than we had hoped, I am really sorry about that.

    It is likely that Hereford & Worcester and Gloucester multiplexes will launch at the same time – end of September is the current expectation (final excruciating wait thanks to massive BT delays), but the multiplexes will be distinct, on different frequencies and different transmitters. There was talk of merging the multiplexes but ultimately that was not a route along which we proceeded.

    I hope you can get both from where you are. Yes the Free Radio version will be the Worcester one.

  3. Bob Crumpton

    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    I have had a Pure DAB Radio just waiting from 2007 with a pre-progrmmed button permanantly waiting for BBC Hereford and Worcester. Free Radio Worcester (Ex Wyvern?)is a bonus.


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