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  1. Robert Crumpton

    Why change to 12A?
    I am in Kidderminster and that IS A LOWER POWERED TRANSMITTER of only 380 watts. Why can’t you use the BBC12B which is 2,000 watts? You are, it seems to me, using every excuse not to give us a good DAB service. You have had the licence for years and have not performed. You are now suggesting using a lower powered transmission. WHY? 11D and 12B are received at very high rate here and have no problems at all.

    1. Matt Post author

      The change from the originally allocated frequency of 10B to 12A has been requested so that the H&W Multiplex will fit in with a new UK wide frequency plan devised as part of the UK Governments Digital Britain initiative. We have requested this change as if we did not we would not fit in with this plan and this would lead to knock on effects to other areas of the UK it also has the benefit of reducing incoming interference to the H&W Multiplex.

      It is not possible for us to use channels 12B or 11D as these are used by the BBC and Digital One nationally and if we used them we would cause serious interference

      Our presently planned initial Launch plans for the H&W Multiplex are very similar to those agreed with Ofcom in 2007 and please be assured that we are trying to provide the best possible coverage we can within the limits of what we are allowed. We also have plans to launch further transmitters (including a dedicated Kidderminster one) before 2015.

      If you would like to let us have your postcode we will be happy to ask our transmission supplier to work out if you should be able to receive the H&W Multiplex at launch and if not at what stage of our plans.

  2. stevefreestone

    Is it true that Lincs FM have pulled out of the multiplex for Lincolnshire, hence the reason why Muxco have made no statements as regards its future?

  3. Stuart Owens

    Hi Matt,
    Although you said there will be less interference by moving the Hereford & Worcester multiplex to 12A, I can’t help thinking there must be some interference on the H&W multiplex from the Swansea multiplex and likewise some interference on the Swansea multiplex from the H&W multiplex.
    10B may have stayed a better option as the nearest multiplex (Salisbury) isn’t even on air yet. Or even 12C as the only other regions that use 12C are North West which closes 25th September 2013, Nottingham and London and I can’t see those causing interference on your H&W multiplex or that multiplex causing interference on those other multiplexes.


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