MuxCo Gloucestershire Update – 19th September 2013

Test “Barker” channels will be running in the next few days and full channels should be audible around the 30th September 2013.

The launch transmitters will cover approximately 67% of the coverage area, equating to around 450 thousand households.  The plan is to launch an additional two transmitters at Icomb Hill and Cirencester in December 2013 to increase this to 92.9% or 616 thousand households (Outdoor Mobile measurement).  The technical work is on track for these second phase transmitters but they may be subject to the BT distribution delays which are still affecting some of our multiplexes.

More information about the line-up and coverage maps are here:

5 thoughts on “MuxCo Gloucestershire Update – 19th September 2013

    1. Nicky Post author

      Cirencester is now live! Icomb Hill will be ready to join the network at the end of this week. (6th December).


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