Surrey Launch Update – 3rd October 2013

We are making good progress with our Surrey Multiplex and still on track for a December launch.  This area does not appear to be subject to the same chronic BT delays as other areas of the UK and it has been a refreshing change to see the project plans covered in green markers not red ones.

The lines to most of the service providers are now in place, with encoders and routers to be installed in November.

The equipment for the transmitter builds is in hand; Crystal Palace antenna work will take place by 14th October with Reigate and Guildford to be completed by the end of October.  Ofcom commissioning will be arranged to take place in November.  Weather becomes an issue for mast work at this time of year so we will be pleased if the current mild conditions continue.

In terms of distribution the network is already in place; London enjoys comprehensive service for telecoms and so the scale of work to connect our ring is immeasurably simpler than in other areas where brand new lines have had to be delivered.

In answer to some queries the second phase of transmitters (Stoke D’Abernon & Hungry Hill) is scheduled to launch in April 2014.

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