Herefordshire & Worcestershire Launch Update – 26th October 2013

The transmitters are built and services have their encoders and connectivity.  The only thing continuing to cause delays to this multiplex is chronic telecom distribution delays to the transmitters.

Our contingency is satellite distribution which has required links to be put in place, this has caused some extra work but these are ready to go at Ridge Hill and Malvern.  It is not possible for us to use satellite at Bromsgrove, and so this transmitter will have to wait for its telecoms lines before it can go live.  This is expected in the coming weeks although delivery dates haven’t proved to be terribly reliable.

With this plan we are planning to commence “barker” audio from the start of the November with live audio tests likely to be running in the lead up to the new proposed launch towards the end of November.

20 thoughts on “Herefordshire & Worcestershire Launch Update – 26th October 2013

  1. Chris Burroughs

    I see from 1st of November,that you have Barker tests for Muxco 1 and 3.
    Could you please tell me whether both Malvern and Ridge Hill are broadcasting these tests?
    and at full power?

    1. Dave WiggyWiggins

      I Can Hear The Herefordshire And Worcestershire
      MuxCo Test On My DAB Digital Radio On MuxCo 3 On Dab Digital Radio In The Forest Of Dean I Come From DryBrook In Gloucestershire But The Signal Sound Do Brake Up It Is A Shame I Do Hope They Do Let The Forest Of Dean To Hear It As Well Because That Will Be Good

  2. Mark Jones

    Just to let you know , I can pick it up in pockets in Meir -Stoke On trent, this is on pioneer radio , 8500dab with a JVC HAL2 Roof Mounted DAB/FM/AM Antenna .

    These transmitters must have some power to pick it up here , when Bromsgrove comes on what will be the power of that ? I cant get Gloucester, thou I can easily get your Cheshire north wales multiplex, and I listen to Nation on that all the time.

  3. David

    Barkers on Muxco 1 and 3 can be received on a weak to moderate signal strength on an upstairs floor in Longbridge, Birmingham B31, which is immediately to the north of the Lickey hills. Assumedly these tests are coming from Malvern but will be interesting to see the difference made when Bromsgrove is switches on.

  4. Nicky Post author

    Just in case you were wondering Muxco Channel 2 relates to Sunshine which is already on Gloucester multiplex. As the service will be multicast (that’s a straight rebroadcast) we can’t send a barker through that channel.

    Dave – Forest of Dean stands a pretty good chance of getting coverage but it is towards the edge of the “footprint” so as you say it may break up a little in that area. Although it’s the other end of the coverage area Bromsgrove may help, but there won’t be any other transmitters in the near future.

    Dave & Mark – Bromsgrove will be launching on 600w (please note previously I had incorrectly stated 2KW)- hopefully this side of Christmas but it is more reliant on telecoms than the other two. I am impressed we’re getting as far as Stoke, Bromsgrove is certain to contribute further, obviously Lickey Hills will get a massive boost too Dave when it goes live.

    Marc – I expect all the services to be live by the 20th November.

  5. Chris Burroughs

    I notice you are now running The station labels.
    What are the Kw powers o Malvern an d Ridge Hill please?

  6. Tom

    Great to hear that we now have DAB in Worcestershire! Only sad thing is (as with Glos) the bit rates are not great. 112KB for commercial (sounds better on FM!) and a bit better for BBC on 128. Is this due to the lack of bandwidth via BT/ use of satellite as interim, or is it likely to stay the same? Seems a shame not to have better quality when the multiplex is not full. Also would be interested in the powers of Malvern and Ridge Hill.

  7. Bob Crumpton

    Any more news on the Bromsgrove transmitter, please? BBC Hereford and Worcester are telling everyone that they are “going DAB” on 6th December but I have not been able to pick up any test transmissions up in Kidderminster.

  8. Bob Crumpton

    Any news yet for the Bromsgrove site? I am still not picking anything up as far as tests are concerned in Kidderminster. The last comment was that you were hoping to get things going “before Christmas”. It seems that your launch date of 6th December for BBC Hereford and Worcester is not going to be achieved. Please update.

  9. Nicky Post author

    Bromsgrove is set to go live on the 6th. This is utilising satellite distribution – we’re bypassing BT basically, to get things moving!


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