Planned Work Updates

We’ve tidied up the MuxCo website a little bit today and added a new feature – Planned Work updates Service Updates.

Across our networks we sometimes need to do technical work and maintenance. Additionally as we share masts with other people, sometimes they need to do some work that affects us. This work is usually flagged up to us in advance for us to confirm or ask to be changed (if say a station is doing something important at that time). This work can result in a transmitter power being turned down or even a transmitter being off-air for a while.

We share these notices with our service providers, but we felt it would make sense to do this for our listeners too.

We’ve therefore added a ‘Service Updates‘ section to the right hand side of the website and link to multiplex-specific Planned Work sections from each of the multiplex sections. On those pages you can also subscribe to email updates about the latest Planned Work or follow our relevant Twitter accounts where we’ll be tweeting links too.

If you have any feedback, please leave it below.

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