November Planning Meeting

Planning Meeting

A blurry camera phone picture of Gregory from MuxCo (left) and David Peters from Arqiva (right) at today’s planning meeting.

We have these catch-ups every month to review current projects and to plan further multiplexes. In the picture, Gregory is looking at one of many potential options for the North West Wales multiplex.

This month the big topics were the progress on Gloucester’s next two transmitters, our Bromsgrove transmitter for Herefordshire & Worcestershire and installations for Surrey. Surrey is looking good at the moment and we’re in the process of rolling out contingencies in Gloucestershire and H&W as we continue to be let down by BT. All should hopefully be on this year, before Arqiva’s network freeze at Christmas.

Looking to future multiplexes we spent some time exploring the various options for North Wales and the cost-implications of decisions in Somerset.

6 thoughts on “November Planning Meeting

  1. Robert Crumpton

    What is the “Arqiva’s network freeze at Christmas”? We are still waiting for Hereford and Worcester on the Bromsgrove transmitter.

    1. Matt Post author

      A couple of weeks before Xmas, they halt any changes to their network, so we’re keen to get everything on (including Bromsgrove) before then.

  2. Mike Fraser

    It appears from the launch coverage map that a significant part of Surrey And North East Hampshire to wit Camberley, Yateley, Fleet, Hartley Whitney and, more pertinitely Blackwater, where I live, will not be served from launch. Indeed the current tests are so poor this seems to show the predicted coverage, or lack of it, will be proved correct. We are most definitely in the Eagle’s FM service area but not it seems in their DAB area. It looks like this might be rectified by Hungry Hill when it is commissioned, but try as I may I can’t see a date for this! What are the plans for filling this large coverage gap, please?

    1. Matt Post author

      Well, I’m pleased that the coverage maps are accurate, we try and make sure they are!

      We haven’t set any formal dates for the switch on of the Hungry Hill transmitter, but I would expect it to be next year.


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