Somerset Frequency Change

Last week Ofcom initiated a consultation on our frequency change request for the Somerset multiplex.

To be honest, it’s not really our request. As part of the work we’re doing with commercial radio, the BBC, Ofcom and the Government, analysis has been carried out to judge what the right frequencies are to ensure all the local and national multiplexes can have the most robust coverage. So, as this increases robustness for us, and others, we’ve sent in the request.

The change we’ve asked for is a frequency shift for this multiplex from 10D to 10B.

If everything goes to plan with the consultation we would hope that test transmissions for the Somerset multiplex will start at the beginning of September.

6 thoughts on “Somerset Frequency Change

  1. Tim

    Are the plans to launch from Coker Hill as well at some point as well? Reception from mendip is very poor in Yeovil 🙁

  2. Phil England

    I’ve noticed 10B has sprung in to some kind of life – picking up something in Cardiff (think its from your multiplex)

    Will there be other stations joining the 4 you already have listed?

    1. Matt Post author

      We have some additional stations joining over the coming months, I’m not sure whether they’ll be ready for launch. If not, they’ll be up soon.


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