Local Shareholders

In addition to MuxCo Ltd (25%), our appliction has a range of shareholders committed to local DAB Digital Radio.

Dee 106.3 Ltd (25%)

Dee owns and operates the leading commercial radio service in Chester, Dee 106.3. The station launched in March 2003 and quickly established a strong audience following and significant market share.

Through their experience of DAB, Dee’s shareholders and directors acknowledge that the future of radio is digital. They also recognise the importance of not simply being a service provider but a stakeholder in local DAB ownership, giving the business a greater degree of control over its destiny and sharing in the risks and rewards. Only MuxCo W&C offers the prospect of viably providing a stereo service and Dee is therefore pleased to be a 25% shareholder in MuxCo W&C and to commit to the stereo DAB simulcasting of Dee 106.3.

UTV Radio GB Ltd (25%)

UTV owns and operates Liverpool’s Juice FM. UTV Radio GB Ltd is a subsidiary of UTV plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of approximately £240 million. UTV plc reported a post-tax net cash inflow from operations of £25 million in its last financial year to 31 December 2006. UTV Radio is the fastest growing division of the eponymous, Ulster-based media company. Its UK arm was formed in June 2005 when UTV acquired The Wireless Group.

Radio is an increasingly important driver of UTV’s performance, and the group’s radio division is one of the leading commercial radio groups in the UK and Ireland. In the UK, the group owns the very successful national speech station, talkSPORT, plus 19 diverse and individual local radio stations across the UK including Talk 107 in Edinburgh, the first all speech local radio station to launch in the UK in more than thirty years. UTV are firm believers in the important role local commercial radio stations play within their communities and developing and growing the group’s local commercial radio portfolio is a core part of the division’s strategy. UTV are strong supporters of DAB digital radio, being involved in seven regional and local multiplexes, and is a shareholder in the 4 Digital Group application for the second national multiplex, for which they propose ‘Talk Radio’ – an all-speech news, views and entertainment service, characterised by opinionated presentation and lively debate, delivered in a humorous and entertaining way. UTV recognises the importance that DAB has for existing local services, and simulcasts its analogue services on relevant local multiplexes. UTV is therefore pleased to be a 25% shareholder in MuxCo W&C and to commit to the stereo DAB simulcasting of Juice FM.

Town & Country Broadcasting Ltd (25%)

Town & Country was established to build a local network of radio stations. Its enjoys an excellent track record establishing and maintaining local radio licences and is committed to bring its creative, critical and commercial successes to digital radio. T&C aims to become the leading media group based in Wales. It has a strong commitment to local radio and whilst recognising the current difficulties that many local radio services face, has the confidence in the continuing value of localness. Jason Bryant has a strong track record in digital radio, having helped create the local digital radio businesses for The Wireless Group and developing SMG’s digital brands. Jason recognises the importance of DAB for all stations, and the opportunities it can provide for companies such as T&C. In relation to digital, T&C’s objective is to apply alongside MuxCo (and partners) for the new local multiplexes being advertised in and contiguous to Wales, and to develop new local digital services that are distinctive and viable. Outside radio, T&C’s strategy is to develop local media businesses that complement their traditional broadcast operations, including online local information sites and magazines. Through its participation in DAB ownership, T&C is able to be more confident about the investment to launch Wales Live, a speech rich service across Wales.

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