RSLs – short term FM licences – have been a fixture of radio broadcasting for the past 20 years. Historically they have allowed radio stations to broadcast for up to 28 days for a variety of reasons, including supporting an event, for a religious festival or to act as a trial for a full time service.

MuxCo, where it has space available and subject to contract, can offer operators a 28-day ‘RSL’ agreement to broadcast on one of its multiplexes.

To broadcast to one of our areas, a prospective operator must:

  • Be able to provide a high quality, reliable, internet feed (that we will rebroadcast)
  • Pay, in advance, a fee of £2,000+VAT for a 28 day period.
  • Plan to have a DSPS licence from Ofcom (these cannot be applied for until agreement has been reached with us)

In the first instance an operator should contact us, at least 8 weeks before they intend to commence their broadcast, to investigate whether capacity is available at that time.

Unlike short-term FM RSLs which cover small areas, a digital RSL is broadcast across all of our transmitters in a given area, giving large-scale coverage to over half the population who have DAB radios.

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