One day, two wins (three beers)

Great news at MuxCo headquarters, with wins for both MuxCo Northeast Wales & Cheshire and for MuxCo Herefordshire & Worcestershire announced today.  Great local radio is what we promised, and will now launch within the next 12 months.  Time for a quick drink and then on with writing our North Yorkshire application. 

3 thoughts on “One day, two wins (three beers)

  1. hugh brown

    this is great news for norhteast wales and cheshire,but why won’t wirrals buzz 97.1 be on the multiplex as i hear you will have a transmitter on st john’s beacon in liverpool.i live in wallasey which is across the mersey from liverpool.

  2. James

    On paper Buzz doesn’t look very different to Marcher Sound (as its licence is just meant to be a relay). But it’s got split breakfast and drive shows (a change to its licence requirement that Ofcom only made to the licence recently) and it does a full local news service for Wirral all day – the only radio news service JUST for Wirral in fact, so if Buzz it’s not on there it’ll be a big shame.

  3. matt

    James, we’d love to have both Buzz and Marcher Sound on the multiplex. At the end of the day it’s up to GCap whether they want to buy space on the multiplex. I’d always suggest listeners contact their favourite stations to encourage them on.


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