Ch..Ch..Ch.. Changes

Interesting to see our competitors, NOWdigital, changing their application a couple of months after submitting it. They said they would be provide a religious format – UCB UK. UCB, however, no longer want  to provide the station, so it’s been removed from their application with NOWdigital saying it will be replaced by an “unspecified local digital sound programme service… within one year of the multiplex going on-air”.

It seems quite a late change, especially as we think the licence will be awarded on September 6th! It’s also not the only change, since submitting the application we’ve seen them change their transmitter configurations and which versions of services they’ll be launching in the area. We’re obviously sure that this has nothing to do with a better bid from MuxCo! But then we would say that, I suppose…

In response to this change (well, the first one anyway) Ofcom have said whilst they have accepted the UCB amendment they’re interested in citizens views about it.  You can write to Neil Stock, Head of Radio, Ofcom, Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA or email him – [email protected].

One thought on “Ch..Ch..Ch.. Changes

  1. Mark

    it raises an interesting question regarding the licensing rules I guess.

    I’m not sure what the alternative would be though.

    Certainly I don’t see that it was fair to change the TX configs, or why bother with an application closing date?

    As for UCB… maybe the rules should state that if a service becomes unavailable, then its that particular applicants problem – and a replacement service should not be permitted in the bid.


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