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Upload Radio Launches on MuxCo Multiplexes

This morning (24th April), Upload Radio launched on our Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool, Gloucestershire and Surrey & South London multiplexes.

Upload Radio allows anyone to create hour long radio shows and broadcast them on DAB Digital Radio, online and mobile. It’s the world’s first self-service broadcast radio station. Upload’s technology allows listeners to register at, upload episodes and buy time-slots to broadcast their work.

Upload Radio’s Matt Deegan: “The last few years has seen an explosion in individuals creating great audio – particularly in podcast form – but it’s been hard for many people to be discovered and build an audience and nearly impossible for them to get on the radio. We’ve built Upload Radio to give everyone the chance to get on millions of radios as well as having their shows available to catchup online too”.

Upload Radio in its three DAB areas broadcasts a different local schedule.

December Changes

A few changes to the networks before Christmas – one station change and two transmitter additions.

Yesterday (1st December) we re-added Chris Country to the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex. The station was inundated with comments from listeners when it came off earlier in the year, so we’re pleased to be able to have added it back on.

After the 9th December we’ll be adding two new transmitters to the network.

In Somerset we’ll be adding Coker Hill which will help to cover Yeovil better and in Suffolk we’ll be adding Felixstowe to the network.

As always with transmitter additions, dates are difficult to to know exactly as there’s lots of inter-related factors, as well as the vagaries of the British weather!



August 2016 Additions

We’re pleased to be adding a selection of new services to our multiplexes in August.

On August 1st on our Gloucestershire multiplex we added Glow Radio.

Glow Radio is aimed at 15- to 35s, with presenters playing a mix of current hits and 90s dance anthems.

On our Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex there are a number of changes.

We’ll be adding two new services, Nation Gold and Love 80s. Nation Gold launched on the 2nd and Love 80s will launch on the 6th. Love 80s will be broadcast using DAB+.

Also on the 2nd, we sadly said goodbye to Chris Country and we also changed Nation Radio from a DAB to a DAB+ service.

As a DAB+ service, Nation Radio and Love 80s will be available in most cars that have a digital radio, but generally only on tick-marked enabled household radios (these tend to be the newer ones).

Both Nation Radio and Chris Country will continue to be available online through their websites and mobile apps.

Update: With the expansion of the Liverpool multiplex, which has broadcast Capital Liverpool, we’ve altered the version of Capital we broadcast to be the more local Capital Wrexham variant.

April Changes

On Wednesday April 1st, Heart North Wales will stop broadcasting on our Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex. We’re sad to see Heart go, and as a popular local service, we expect listeners to feel the same way.

It is always up to individual stations whether they join, or leave, a multiplex. As the multiplex operator we are keen to provide as many stations as possible and work with a variety of operators across all of our areas to find ways that work for them to broadcast on DAB. In the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool area we’re pleased that there’s a variety of services from the local – Dee on DAB, Wirral Radio and Juice to the national – BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru and Nation Radio.

Listeners will be able to keep listening to Heart North Wales by tuning to FM or listening online.

We are also pleased that on the same day, in another one of our areas, Surrey and South London, we’ll be adding an additional service to the line-up. Premier Gospel will be joining the multiplex playing a broad range of Christian Gospel music including specialist shows each evening.

Wirral Radio Joins Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool

We’re pleased to announce that Wirral Radio has joined our Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex. It’s the first community radio station to join this particular multiplex, but we hope it’s the first of many.

Delivering choice for listeners is at the centre of what we want to do a MuxCo and we’re always looking at ways we can add more stations to our multiplexes.

Wirral Radio joins a platform that reaches around 2m people in the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool area, giving them a great opportunity to serve the core Wirral audience, but also reach their listeners as they live, work and travel across the region.

At MuxCo we understand the challenges that face different broadcasters. Our team has a long history in traditional commercial radio, but we’re also experienced at running digital-only stations, and some of our staff are Trustees of community radio stations. We’re always keen to work with potential service providers and find a way to bring them to our multiplexes.

Joining the multiplex is only one part of Wirral Radio‘s launch today – so we wish them all the success in the word and look forward to tuning in.

Adding Gaydio to Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool

We’re adding Gaydio to the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex for the Summer.

It’s on-air to coincide with Gaydio being media partners with Liverpool Pride, a festival which celebrates Liverpool’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) culture. This year’s festival is on August 3rd will see a mix of emerging artists, established artists as well as a super hero theme.

The station will be on-air from the 29th July for 6 weeks.

Adding Gaydio is hopefully one of many new services (full time and temporary) that we’ll add to this and out other multiplexes. We think one of the benefits of digital radio is the ability to be fleet of foot and reflect what’s happening locally. We’re always keen to hear from other operators who want to broadcast either short term or long term. You can find out more here.

MuxCo Launches Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool Multiplex

We officially launched the multiplex today at events in Wrexham and Liverpool. Here’s the press release that accompanied the launch:


Today at Wrexham Football Ground, local politicians Ian Lucas MP and Lesley Griffiths AM switched on two new DAB digital radio transmitters for the Wrexham and Chester area, meanwhile in Liverpool, Juice FM’s Ian and Leanne turned on the transmitter at St John’s Beacon. The switch-on means that 2.2 million people in North East Wales, West Cheshire and Liverpool can now listen to BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, Real Radio Wales, Nation Radio, Juice FM and Dee on DAB on DAB digital radio for the first time.

Nation Radio, Real Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales and Juice FM are currently available on FM and are launching on DAB in the area for the first time, while Dee on DAB is a new service being launched by Chester-based Dee 106.3. To receive the new stations, listeners with digital radios may have to re-tune their sets – find out more at

The switch-on was marked by a unique collaboration between public and commercial broadcasters, with BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Radio Wales, Juice FM, Nation Radio and Dee on DAB, at the home of Wrexham FC and at Juice FMs studios. The switch-on also means that listeners will be able to follow Wrexham FC on DAB in the area for the first time on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru, as they battle to regain their Football League status.

Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, who hosted the event, said: “This is great news for 2 million people across the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool areas as until now they have not been able receive all their favourite local stations on DAB.”

Ian Lucas MP said: “As the town’s MP I’ve pushed for better radio coverage for Wrexham, so I’m honoured to be switching on the new digital radio transmitters today. This is excellent news for radio and football lovers in the area who will now be able to enjoy coverage of the top local matches in digital quality sound for the first time.”

Assembly Member for Wrexham, Lesley Griffiths said: “Boosting local coverage for Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool means the excellent range of local DAB digital radio stations can be received by even more listeners, at home, at work and in their car.”

The 3 new transmitters at Wrexham Rhos, Moel-y-Parc and St John’s Beacon take local digital radio coverage from zero to 74.3% of households, and bring the local DAB stations and the national BBC services for Wales on DAB digital radio to the area for the first time. Coverage for local and national services in Wales will be further expanded as Muxco will also be launching DAB services this year in Mid and West Wales, with North Wales to follow soon.

Local road coverage is also improved, adding hundreds of miles of roads into local DAB coverage for the first time. Digital radios are increasingly becoming available in cars and according to new industry data 35% of all new cars now have digital radio as standard. A third of all new Toyota vehicles, whose engine manufacturing plant is located at Deeside in North Wales, has digital radio as standard.

Digital radio in NE Wales and West Cheshire is popular with over 35% of homes having a DAB radio but until now listeners have been unable to listen to all their favourite local radio stations and the BBC’s national radio stations for Wales on DAB. The importance of local radio stations to listeners has been shown in research carried out by the radio industry regulator, Ofcom. Listeners can check which stations they can receive by inputting their postcode at

This switch-on comes as Government announce they will make a decision on digital radio switchover later in 2013. Digital listening in the UK represented 33% of all listening in Q4 2012 and in 2012 UK digital radio sales reached the second highest level ever with over 2 million sets sold. A cumulative total of 17 million digital radio sets has been sold to date in the UK.

The radio industry communications campaign featuring digital radio evangelist D Love, who encourages everyone to spread the love for digital radio, is currently on air on BBC TV, BBC radio and commercial radio.

Gregory Watson, Managing Director of MuxCo said: “We’re delighted to be able to bring these services to digital radio in Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool. Research has shown how much people value their local radio stations, so we hope this will make a big difference to the digital radio listening experience in the area. We’ve also got exciting plans for further new radio stations over the coming months.”

Steve Austins, Editor of BBC Radio Wales, said: “We’re always looking to improve the way our listeners are able to receive BBC Radio Wales, so I’m delighted that we’re now available on digital radio in north east Wales. Today is Radio Wales Music Day – a celebration of the best of new Welsh talent – so we’re particularly pleased that listeners in this area will be able to hear this and all our programmes on their DAB radios.”

Lowri Davies, Editor, General Programmes for BBC Radio Cymru, said: “We’re delighted that BBC Radio Cymru is now available on digital radio in Wrexham and across most of north east Wales. We know that our listeners want to be able to listen to Welsh language content across all platforms, so today is a significant step forward.”

Graham Sarath, Station Director Juice FM said: “Boosting local coverage for Liverpool means the excellent range of local DAB digital radio stations can be received by even more listeners, at home, at work and in their car. It gives Juice listeners the opportunity to hear the station on another platform and one which I’m sure they’ll enjoy.”

Final WCL Timetable

St John's Beacon

We’re entering the final furlong with our Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool launch with the final service going on-air and the final transmitter launching.

Juice FM will start testing on the morning of the Monday 15th April on the existing two transmitters – Moel-Y-Parc and Wrexham Rhos.

It, and our other services, should then start testing at St. John’s Beacon late afternoon on Wednesday 17th April.

The multiplex will then officially launch on Friday 19th April with events at Wrexham FC and Juice Liverpool.

A reminder that test transmissions are just that – tests – so timings can be affected by a number of different things. However, these are our current plans.

Pic: Karen_O’D

More Testing

We’ve just made the latest update to our test transmissions, by putting live BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, Real Radio Wales and Nation Radio alongside Dee on DAB. Looking at the snow, it’s a good job we can do it remotely!

As these are tests, they are subject to interruption and general strange behaviour as we fiddle with settings and such. This is the first MuxCo multiplex so it is somewhat of a guinea pig for us trying out new ways of doing things.

This should mean, however, that you’ll be able to follow Wrexham FC’s progress against Grimsby Town at Wembley on BBC Radio Wales on DAB this Sunday.