Wirral Radio Joins Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool

We’re pleased to announce that Wirral Radio has joined our Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex. It’s the first community radio station to join this particular multiplex, but we hope it’s the first of many.

Delivering choice for listeners is at the centre of what we want to do a MuxCo and we’re always looking at ways we can add more stations to our multiplexes.

Wirral Radio joins a platform that reaches around 2m people in the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool area, giving them a great opportunity to serve the core Wirral audience, but also reach their listeners as they live, work and travel across the region.

At MuxCo we understand the challenges that face different broadcasters. Our team has a long history in traditional commercial radio, but we’re also experienced at running digital-only stations, and some of our staff are Trustees of community radio stations. We’re always keen to work with potential service providers and find a way to bring them to our multiplexes.

Joining the multiplex is only one part of Wirral Radio‘s launch today – so we wish them all the success in the word and look forward to tuning in.

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