December Changes

A few changes to the networks before Christmas – one station change and two transmitter additions.

Yesterday¬†(1st December) we re-added Chris Country to the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex. The station was inundated with comments from listeners when it came off earlier in the year, so we’re pleased to be able to have added it back on.

After the 9th December we’ll be adding two new transmitters to the network.

In Somerset we’ll be adding Coker Hill which will help to cover Yeovil better and in Suffolk we’ll be adding Felixstowe to the network.

As always with transmitter additions, dates are difficult to to know exactly as there’s lots of inter-related factors, as well as the vagaries of the British weather!



One thought on “December Changes

  1. Chris Burroughs

    NO fanfare about Zest radio?
    Nation radio now broadcasting DAB and not DAB+?
    and Llangollen VHF on air date?
    all on WCL Multiplex


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