More Testing

We’ve just made the latest update to our test transmissions, by putting live BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, Real Radio Wales and Nation Radio alongside Dee on DAB. Looking at the snow, it’s a good job we can do it remotely!

As these are tests, they are subject to interruption and general strange behaviour as we fiddle with settings and such. This is the first MuxCo multiplex so it is somewhat of a guinea pig for us trying out new ways of doing things.

This should mean, however, that you’ll be able to follow Wrexham FC’s progress against Grimsby Town at Wembley on BBC Radio Wales on DAB this Sunday.

17 thoughts on “More Testing

  1. Mike Smithson

    112K bitrate sounds poor when compared to the BBC’s streams at 128k.

    Is space really that tight that you can’t up the bitrate?

    1. Matt Post author

      I’d disagree that 112 sounds ‘poor’. It is, however, up to radio stations to decide themselves at which bitrate they operate at.

  2. Stuart Owens

    Is it not possible to transmit Juice FM from just Moel-Y-Parc and Wrexham-Rhos?
    If not, would you be able to explain why?

  3. Paul

    I agree with most on here that 112K is poor but would like to see 128K squashed in if possible via technology that may be available.

    As for future, i hope that MuxCo will experiment more with maybe the first DAB+ transmissions for people who have the equipment to recieve them?

  4. Chris Burroughs

    I,m aware that the Multiplex is still going through a period of testing,but could you tell me whether you have reduced the erp presumably at Wreham-Rhos,as i am now not receiving any services.
    Would be grateful of an answer.

  5. Michael O'Neill

    When will Crawley be getting BBC National DAB and when will Heart and BBC Surrey be going on a multiplex?

  6. Michael

    Not much there but we are getting closer to local DAB and maybe DAB+ in the future like I had in Australia. Waiting on details for my new mux now.


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