The Nature of Tests.

The Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex is the first launch for MuxCo and we’re using a variety of new systems to bring the stations to your radios. That’s the good thing about test transmissions – they let you try some different things without it interrupting listeners’ enjoyment when the multiplex is properly live. It’s why, in this test phase, you should be aware that services/barkers may stop, be reconfigured and do strange things!

Our current outlined plan is to to test some more services on Monday. I wanted to flag up, though, that this definitely won’t be happening at midnight tonight – so no need to wait up auto-tuning! Whilst we’re still looking to do something on Monday, some of the things we’ve been doing over the weekend may mean that the next bundle of changes may happen a little later – please don’t be too disappointed – this is just what happens with tests!

3 thoughts on “The Nature of Tests.

  1. Chris Burroughs

    OK,this is slightly geeky!i know.But i am pleased to inform you,that i am receiving your local multiplex
    with a roof top 4-element band 3/VHF aerial and mast head amplification at my location in Bridgnorth,South-East Shropshire.
    There is slight audio ‘warble’and the occasional drop out,but enjoying listening to The Dee for the first time.

  2. James Robinson

    Please can we have an update as to a timeline of when you expect the next service to appear on Muxco NE Wales and what will it be? Thanks.


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