Linconlshire Win

We’ve just heard from the good people of Ofcom that we’ve been awarded the licence for the Lincolnshire multiplex. Which is good because as we’re the only bidder and it would have been a bit embarrassing if they had chosen not to give it to us!

With one million DAB Digital Radios sold in the last quarter of 2007 alone it’s important that all these new DAB convertees can hear their favourite local stations. So we’re pleased that we’ll be brining the people of Lincolnshire Lincs FM, Compass FM, BBC Radio Lincolnshire and some new local stations on DAB soon.

2 thoughts on “Linconlshire Win

  1. Mr Andrews

    Dear Muxco,

    I am pleased the licence has been awarded to Muxco as opposed to one of the other major companies who have so far provided poor audio quality and limited services. As a resident of Lincolnshire it’s long overdue we have some high quality alternative radio services. I did submit a comment to Ofcom at the time of awarding which I’m happy to repeat to you that I do have some minor reservations with your award.

    Firstly residents in the northern part of the county will find many services duplicated. The MXR service from Yorkshire can be easily received throughout much of central Lincolnshire, along with the EMAP service being receivable across the north of the county duplicating stations such as Lincs FM and Traffic Radio. The Traffic Radio service is currently for Yorkshire and the North East, which is of no use for those travelling southwards – a service for the East Midlands is essential.

    I note the Muxco submission doesn’t appear to cater for the A/B/C demographic, and groups aged under 30. Whilst such groups remain a minority group, these are substantially uncatered for with services like Gaydar not being provided leaves a large gap in services. My main concern is the lack of competition the Lincs FM group has in the new operation, providing no in-roads to the demographics I have outlined in the current submission.

    Your comments are very welcomed, and will be received with an open mind.

    Mr Andrews

  2. matt Post author


    Whilst there is a little duplication (Traffic Radio and UCB) most of the services on the Lincoln multiplex are new to the majority of the area (which we have to consider).

    Traffic Radio, whilst currently may broadcast the same feed, we expect the service will be localised through further regions over the next few years providing a better localised service for Lincolnshire.

    For age groups under 30, we have provided the ‘Shuffle’ station which has a pop/rock/dance station will cater for some of this audience.

    From memory, Lincolnshire as a whole is not a strong ABC1 area, however UCB and the podcast service do skew in that direction.

    All stations on the multiplex have to choose to come on board, so I would always encourage people to contact stations directly to ask them to join any specific multiplexes if they’re keen to hear them in a different area. There is space on the multiplex to launch new services over the licence term.

    Thanks for your commment



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