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Local Digital Radio Launches in Lincolnshire

The Lincolnshire DAB Digital Radio multiplex has launched today (1st October) on Lincolnshire Day, bringing local digital radio to over 410,000 people for the first time.

Whilst national radio stations like BBC Radio 4 and Classic FM have been available to Lincolnshire on digital radio for a number of years, this will be the first time that listeners to Lincs FM, Compass FM and BBC Radio Lincolnshire will be able to hear their favourite station on digital radio across the county.

48% of Lincolnshire’s radio listeners already have a DAB Digital Radio, a number expected to climb now the full range of stations – local and national – are available. DAB digital radios are available from £15 and listeners can find sets for home, office, in-car or on the move.

With over 70% of new cars coming with DAB Digital Radio as standard, MuxCo has put particular effort into covering over 1,200kms of roads in the county.

The launch of these stations on DAB Digital Radio is the result of a collaboration between the Lincs FM Group and local multiplex operator MuxCo Ltd.

Michael Betton, Chief Executive of the Lincs FM Groups says: “The launch today means that local listeners will get to hear their favourite stations on DAB digital radio all across Lincolnshire. For the Lincs FM Group it also means that Compass FM will be able to be heard across the whole county for the first time.

Gregory Watson, Managing Director of MuxCo says: “As well as the existing local stations, the multiplex offers the ability for new radio stations to easily launch on DAB across the whole area. Taken together, this is great news for Lincolnshire’s radio listeners”.

Charlie Partridge, BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Editor says: “It is good to be able to add DAB Digital radio to our FM and AM frequencies, we celebrate our 35th birthday in November and this is proof that BBC Radio Lincolnshire continues to move with the times. The most frequently asked question we are asked is “When will you be on DAB?” and finally we have the answer: Now!”

To be able to listen to the stations on your DAB Digital Radio, make sure you do a ‘full autotune’ on your digital radio. There’s more information at

Lincolnshire Update

We’re making good progress on the build for the Lincolnshire multiplex, ready for tests in September.

All the transmitters have been installed and pre-commissioned and the telemetry is ready to go. The feeders for the the dish links are all ready, whilst the radio links are starting to be installed. This week we’re installing the contribution servers at each of the radio stations so they can provide audio to the multiplex.

We’ve still got work to do to make sure all of the dish links and circuits are working before we’re ready to test the system end to end and then get Ofcom to approve everything.

Readying Lincolnshire

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re in the process of building the infrastructure necessary to launch our Lincolnshire multiplex.

Our progress, so far:

  • Circuits into the stations have been ordered and mostly installed.
  • We’ve been installing new cabins at Lincoln to house the additional equipment the rest of it, we will probably put it in a business storage. We’ve also been installing a new antenna system at Belmont to handle the extra load and the modifications.
  • The transmitters have been installed at Belmont and the others will be installed, partly alongside the work on the new cabins. Grantham is then next on the list.
  • We’ve been facing some distribution issues with our wireless links to the sites due to the large number of wind farms in the area. However we’ve been gradually working around these and also preparing some contingency planning too.

If everything goes to plan, it’ll launch in September this year.

Linconlshire Win

We’ve just heard from the good people of Ofcom that we’ve been awarded the licence for the Lincolnshire multiplex. Which is good because as we’re the only bidder and it would have been a bit embarrassing if they had chosen not to give it to us!

With one million DAB Digital Radios sold in the last quarter of 2007 alone it’s important that all these new DAB convertees can hear their favourite local stations. So we’re pleased that we’ll be brining the people of Lincolnshire Lincs FM, Compass FM, BBC Radio Lincolnshire and some new local stations on DAB soon.

Lincolnshire DAB Licence Submitted

I don’t know, two posts in two days, this is almost like a real blog!

Today we submitted our application for the Lincolnshire multiplex alongisde our partner shareholder, Lincs FM Group. Michael Betton and the Lincs FM team have been a really great bunch of people to work with and collectively we’re very pleased with what we’ve submitted and the coverage across the County that we’re able to achieve.

I think it’s also good to see Lincs FM creating a new service for the multiplex – Lincs Country. Country music scored well in our research and it’s defintely a format that will grow listener choice in the area.

Picking up on a theme from my last post, Lincs Country is another example of the commitment that the smaller radio groups are putting into DAB. Lincolnshire’s an area that the Lincs FM team know inside out and its these deep connections that will allow this new station to be succeful in both audience and revenue terms.