Lincolnshire Update

This morning we made two changes to the Lincolnshire multiplex.

We’ve added a transmitter High Hunsley to the north of our coverage area. We’ve also added an additional service in the form of KCFM to the multiplex as well.

A new coverage map is in the Lincolnshire section.

2 thoughts on “Lincolnshire Update

  1. Ian McAteer

    Dear Sir/madam I live in Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire and it’s great to now hear KCFM do you plan to get any more stations like an oldies station Thankyou

  2. Ian McAteer

    Dear Sir/Madam It would be nice to have My Music Radio on DAB in Lincolnshire as I enjoy the music they play as they play music from the 70’s 60’s and 80’s and also listening to David Jensen and Pat Sharp. Yours Faithfully Ian McAteer


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