Somerset Awarded to MuxCo

Ofcom has just called Gregory to say that we’ve been successful with our application for the Somerset DAB Digital Radio multiplex. This is good news for MuxCo and its local partners who can now more easily make the transition to DAB. It also means that new stations and services will be able to start broadcasting on digital radio in a cost-effective manner.

We’ve also submitted today our application for North Wales, the details of which i’ll try and put up online for tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Somerset Awarded to MuxCo

  1. Rick Taylor

    Pleased to learn MuxCo has been awarded the DAB licence for my home county of Somerset (not that it benefits me directly, living in Oxfordshire!).

  2. Matt

    The main reason it takes so long is getting the international frequency clearance and them setting the transmitters up. Also, whilst there are a few simulcasts, that means a fresh installation of equipment to get them on the DAB network.

  3. peter


    So Ofcom advertise the frequency but don’t have clearance? Surely lead time for circuits and kit can’t be more than 6 months?

  4. Andy Saunders

    This is great news, it’s going to be great hearing Ivel, and Quay West here in North Somerset hopefully, and bring in more stations into the area and give the stations involved a larger TSA.

    Well done MuxCo!


  5. Fred

    Well Done Muxco, Can`t wait for the switch on. I belive muxco is the only DAB multiplex operater who do really belive in LOCAL RADIO.

  6. Nobby Narna

    Great news, Is it true that if you tie lots of sausages to the transmitter mast it can inprove the signel by 20%


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