Surrey & Sussex Won and Somerset Submitted

Sorry for the late update about our win yesterday for Surrey and Sussex, but we’ve been buys finishing off our application for Somerset, which i’ve just submitted. Thankfully Will at Ofcom‘s told me that they’ve received it (you’re never quite sure if it might disappear into the black whole of the internet when you hit send on the email) which means I can finish writing up the pages for the website.

Somerset’s been an interesting one to do, it’s a relatively small multiplex and a quite a few of the stations have small but specific coverage areas. It’s something that’s meant we have to work really hard with from a cost basis to ensure that it’s economic enough to get the stations on board.

In these financially tight times it’s MuxCo structure (with TLRC and UKRD as partners) that allows us to roll out DAB digital radio to this area.

3 thoughts on “Surrey & Sussex Won and Somerset Submitted

  1. Matt

    The main reason it takes so long is getting the international frequency clearance and them setting the transmitters up. Also, whilst there are a few simulcasts, that means a fresh installation of equipment to get them on the DAB network.

  2. Andy

    This is great news, it’s going to be great hearing Ivel, and Quay West here in North Somerset hopefully, and bring in more stations into the area and give the stations involved a larger TSA.

    Well done MuxCo!



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