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Call for Ramadan Services for DAB

We are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to operate a Ramadan service on the following DAB multiplexes during June and July 2014:

Interested parties are invited to answer this questionnaire, after which we will discuss opportunities to contract for capacity for up to 28 days on each available multiplex.

Please fill in the questionnaire by 5pm on 31st March 2014

All contracts for capacity are subject to the availability of suitable capacity on each multiplex.  If there are multiple expressions of interest, and more demand for capacity than is available, we will select services on the basis of ability to enter a standard carriage contract rather than first come basis.

We intend to notify interest parties in April.

Any questionnaire submissions that are received after the date specified above, will still be considered for a licence, but subject to capacity availability.

The fee to broadcast on any of the multiplexes will be £2,000+VAT for the 28 days, subject to contract, and you will be required to get your signal to the multiplex centre (which we can describe in more detail after submission of the form).

All successful service providers are reminded that they will need to hold the necessary DSP licence from Ofcom and comply with the requirements of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, in particular if they wish to broadcast charity appeals and must take reasonable steps to satisfy itself that the charity appeal organisation concerned can produce satisfactory evidence of charitable status, or, in the case of an emergency appeal, that a responsible public fund has been set up to deal with it.   Further details can be found at:

If you have any questions about this opportunity please contact [email protected]

Surrey & Sussex Won and Somerset Submitted

Sorry for the late update about our win yesterday for Surrey and Sussex, but we’ve been buys finishing off our application for Somerset, which i’ve just submitted. Thankfully Will at Ofcom‘s told me that they’ve received it (you’re never quite sure if it might disappear into the black whole of the internet when you hit send on the email) which means I can finish writing up the pages for the website.

Somerset’s been an interesting one to do, it’s a relatively small multiplex and a quite a few of the stations have small but specific coverage areas. It’s something that’s meant we have to work really hard with from a cost basis to ensure that it’s economic enough to get the stations on board.

In these financially tight times it’s MuxCo structure (with TLRC and UKRD as partners) that allows us to roll out DAB digital radio to this area.

The Eagle has Landed

Sorry to all those film buffs who thought I might do a review of the excellent 1976 film.  However, I really wanted to talk about the 96.4 variety and landed a slot on local DAB.  Today MuxCo, working with UKRD Group, has submitted an application for the Surrey & North Sussex multiplex.  Whilst we won’t be featuring Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland or Donald Pleasence, the multiplex will feature the heritage stations of County Sound, Mercury FM and BBC Southern Counties Radio, as well as 96.4 Eagle Radio.

This is MuxCo’s tenth application – and what a busy year it has been.  However, we remain true to our beliefs of enabling DAB expansion in an efficient and viable manner.  We continue to ensure a wide variety of new choice is carried.  NME Radio will provide a new perspective on the rock scene, whilst Easy Radio’s easy listening mix will now be available to a significantly larger audience across the Home Counties.  Shuffle is a new service for the area comprising music and listener-generated content for teenagers and young adults, whilst Traffic Radio will provide an up to date traffic and travel service.  If successful with our bid, we would hope to make some further announcements of additional services before our proposed launch.

Onwards and upwards, and now down the M4 and M5 to Somerset.

Ofcom Advertises Surrey and Sussex

Ofcom, this morning, have advertised the new licence for Surrey and Sussex. We’ve been working on this one with our partners UKRD for a little while already, but now we know we’ve got to be finished by the 26th March! As with all of our applications if you would like to provide a radio station, podcast service, or something else entirely, please get in touch the normal way.