MuxCo updates plans for a New DAB Digital Radio Multiplex serving Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales

MuxCo updates plans for its new DAB Digital Radio multiplex that will serve Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales.

Using transmitters at Moel-y-Parc, Wrexham Rhos and St.John’s Beacon, the multiplex will serve around 1.4m adults (15+) and enabling a range of existing and new services to broadcast in digital.

The multiplex will carry BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, 107.6 Juice FM and Dee 106.3, allowing these existing services to both broadcast in digital quality and be heard by a wider audience than can currently hear them on analogue. In addition, the multiplex will carry a number of new services, only available on DAB Digital Radio. These will include Traffic Radio, a 24/7 traffic news and information service from the Highways Agency, a new music service from Town & Country Broadcasting and a range of data services from Folder Media.

The multiplex has opportunities for additional radio services to join this exciting multiplex.

MuxCo is currently finalising its contract with Arqiva, with proposals for the multiplex to launch in the second half of 2010.

More news to follow soon.

10 thoughts on “MuxCo updates plans for a New DAB Digital Radio Multiplex serving Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales

  1. Richard Davies

    Hi is 103.4 marcher sound still going to be broadcasting on the multiplex or have they with-drawn from it now?


    1. matt

      Heart have not confirmed whether they wish to go on the multiplex. We always suggest contacting stations that you wish to appear, so they can see the demand from their listeners.

  2. Paul P

    Hi, I am really interested in these developments with this new Multiplex to be launched, will Juice FM still be broadcasing on the multiplex and has there been any news of Buzz 97.1 being added to the line-up?

    I am interested in Juice FM being introduced because a few years back i submitted a email to them asking if they would be accepted on the Bauer (EMAP) Liverpool Mux but they were turned away, now with the proposed new mux we can finally hear Juice FM clearer than ever.

    Thank You.

    P.s. Is there any news or update on the testing of the said multiplexes if awarded as i would like to be able to participate in any testing on this project as i am a avid listner to DAB through both portable and “in-car” DAB radios, if so please contact me.

    Thanks again!

    1. matt

      Hello, yes Juice still plan to broadcast on the multiplex. No word from Heart/Buzz, so i’d encourage you to contact them direct to ask them to come onto the multiplex.

  3. Ste

    Is the new Heart Cheshire/NE Wales going to broadcast on the multiplex to replace Marcher Sound, or will this not be added as you can get Heart London on the north west multiplex?

  4. Ste T

    Hi, I live in St Helens and I regularly listen to Juice FM. I get an excellent FM reception for this, including an RDS signal. I can also get Marcher/Heart on a decent signal. I have a DAB radio that picks up the Stoke and Manchester multiplexes, which I shouldn’t be able to receive according to postcode checkers on the internet. Is it likely that I will be able to recieve this multiplex here?

    Also, do you know which frequency (11b etc.) the multiplex will broadcast on?


  5. Colin Lewis


    So are we still on for a September launch or has the Digital Britain report put pain to this?

    If yes…great when will the test transmissions start?

    If no how much longer do we have to wait?



  6. john knight

    when will local dab stations come to the hereford and worcester area. we have national radio and i believe local radio was to start late in 2009 thanks

  7. Colin Lewis

    2 years have passed since my last comment and still no news on on the MUX launch dates?

    Will this MUX ever launch?


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