In-Car Digital Radio

Generally whenever I talk to people who’ve got in-car DAB they rave about it. Sometimes though I get a big diatribe abut how the signal’s a bit patchy. Oddly though the people I talk to all drive in the same place. A bit of digging and it’s always people who have the plug in adapters that have the trouble. Whilst they can be great devices, you need the aerial bit installed properly to get all the digital radio benefits.

Today, Digital Radio UK have published some details about Volkswagen’s in-house research into digital radio that somewhat proves the point about the need for properly installed sets. Some interesting facts came out of the research.

They talked to 1,000 of their DAB in-car users, 82% said that reception’s good or very good. 72% said they would be disappointed if they no longer had in-car DAB and 50% went on to say that they wouldn’t buy a car without digital radio. When asked what people liked about it 70% said sound quality and 63% new content.