Wrexham Chester & Liverpool Multiplex: Moving Towards Launch

The summer saw a flurry of orders – for everything; antennas, filters, transmitters, telecom circuits, encoders, routers and a LOT of cable ties.  Now we move into the delivery phase with the work being scheduled to install all this stuff; from our transmitters on the masts to delivery of all this encoding equipment and circuits to each radio station.   It’s actually a lot less equipment in station’s racks rooms than used to be the case – now it’s about 4U in total, it used to be 16U back in the day.

The line-up stands the same it was at the start of the launch process, no changes there, in case you were curious.

Something we’re offering that’s a bit new is that we will be transmitting a small station logo via the multiplex data on the DAB Carousel.  This means that where devices have the functionality they can display this alongside the station’s name.

Our transmission subcontractor advises us that we are on track for our launch this Autumn and we can’t wait.   Given the time of year weather is a factor that may impact on transmitter work especially given the very exposed nature of Moel Y Parc so we’re holding off on circulating a definite date at the moment but that’s where we are.

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