Muxco WCL: Update 9th January 2013

Here’s a quick update for the New Year.  All the Ofcom paperwork is now submitted and in due course they will issue the Ensemble and Service IDs which will enable us to configure services.  The telecoms links for all but one of our services are now in.

To demonstrate some of the progress made, below are some pictures from the Moel Y Parc transmitter install.  Look closely and you can see the labels.

3 thoughts on “Muxco WCL: Update 9th January 2013

  1. Fred Hart

    Fascinating to see high res photos of all the equipment you’ve got there… so many buttons. I know I’d probably break something if I was allowed anywhere near it! 😛 Looking forward to getting local DAB stations in Gloucestershire soon too.

  2. Suniel

    Have there been any developments on putting Eagle, Eagle Extra and BBC Surrey on DAB? I read in the Guardian that Surrey is the county where DAB is the most popular, and yet you cannot listen to the local stations on DAB. Whilst its to be decided who will broadcast DAB radio to North Sussex, what work is currently being done in Surrey, can you launch DAB from Guildford, Reigate and Crystal Palace?

  3. nicky Post author

    Thanks for the comments.

    Fred – Glad you like the pictures, work continues so hope it won’t be much longer until we flick a few of those switches and get some sounds out.

    Suniel – We plan to launch the Sussex & Surrey multiplex in 2013; we are working on contracts with transmission subcontrators at the moment.


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