WCL Update

Apologies for the radio silence, the status of the multiplex build has been changing quite frequently over the past few weeks and we haven’t wanted to put up lots of conflicting messages.

We’re very close to launch but have a very basic technical problem to overcome before we do that. Sadly it’s not very exicting, it’s very dull. What we need to do is install a microwave link between two sites to get the ETI feed (that’s all the radio stations) to the transmitters.

The sites that we’re broadcasting from have lots of other users on them and there’s special agreements needed to send our guys up them. The team we’re using for this are specialist riggers who, as they’re great, are very busy (oddly doing lots of 4G installations at the moment).

We’ve had a couple of bumps with getting everyone’s timings to work together – ours, our riggers, our transmission contractors, the site owners and the site’s users – which means we haven’t been confident to talk about launch dates.

I know this is incredibly frustrating for you and it is to us and our service providers as well. When we’ve got some firmer information – and dates – we’ll share them here.

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