New Multiplexes in North Yorkshire and North Wales

It’s been a busy time for MuxCo as we’ve been preparing for the launch of our multiplexes in North Yorkshire and North Wales.

Our North Wales multiplex is currently testing in preparation for its launch tomorrow (Friday 12th December) at the Galeri Caernarfon. We’re pleased that BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, Nation Radio, Nation Hits, Capital and Smooth will be broadcast from our initial two transmitters.

The North Yorkshire multiplex has started limited tests, which will be ratcheting up in the coming days before the multiplex officially launches next Wednesday (17th December) from York Racecourse. Harry Gration from Look North and Christine Talbot from Calendar will join the station teams from Stray FM, Minster FM and BBC Radio York for the switch-on.

2 thoughts on “New Multiplexes in North Yorkshire and North Wales

  1. Phil

    Hi, receiving the tests for the N.Yorks mux from Oliver’s Mount. I take it that this transmitter is now going to be included from launch? Great stuff!

  2. Jimbob

    Do I have an old DAB radio because to find StrayFm on DAB I have to use the European tuner setting as the UK tuner didn’t find it.

    Once it’s found StrayFm it’s fine, but I wonder if others have DABs like mine, they may not be finding the new stations.


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