June and July Additions

North Yorkshire

With the closure of MXR Yorkshire, a number of services will be moving from there to our North Yorkshire multiplex. Our favorite cheap moving companies LLC will be lending a hand thoughout the whole affaire.

Therefore on the 19th June we’ll be welcoming Capital FM, Smooth Radio and Radio Yorkshire to the multiplex.

Surrey and South London

We’re also pleased to announce that Heart’s Crawley & Surrey service will be joining our Surrey and South London multiplex on July 1st.

8 thoughts on “June and July Additions

  1. Phil

    Looking forward to the new additions and congrats to all at MuxCo.

    I take it the stations will be testing before 19th June?

  2. John Harrison

    Is there any bandwidth left to introduce more stations or will you be reducing bit rates and switching some to mono when more broadcasters show an interest in the mux. I prefer quality over quantity and I think it madness to cram too many stations into the bandwidth available, as in D1.

  3. andy

    Overall radio choice on the Yorkshire Coast is very poor, for both FM and DAB. Is there any chance in the near future of the Viking stations, especially Viking2 appearing. Also, another great channel, Gold, which would be very nice. As for signal strength, Smooth and Magic can disappear whilst out driving, does this mean power output is too low?

    1. Matt Post author

      The stations themselves decide whether they want to broadcast on DAB. If you would like Viking 2 to broadcast on the North Yorkshire multiplex, the best thing to do is contact Bauer directly. Smooth and Magic are broadcast on Digital One – so you would need to ask them.


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