August Additions

This weekend we’re pleased to add two new radio stations to our Surrey and South London multiplex.

Oxis Media will be launching JACK and JACK 2 tomorrow, on the 8th August. We’re pleased to welcome these stations and look forward to tuning in.

Clive Dickens, Oxis Media’s Chairman, said: “We’re thrilled to be launching two brand new JACKs into Surrey and South London. We will have a strong local commercial presence in the area as we introduce our brand to local businesses over the coming months. As always, JACK will be at the cutting edge of all things digital and we’re excited to work with various local advertisers to help reinforce their commercial messaging. We acquired the JACK brand outright earlier this year which enables great opportunities for growth, and this is the first of a number of expansion announcements we plan to make in the next twelve months.”

2 thoughts on “August Additions

  1. Peter Whisker

    How about a DAB+ trial of one of the stations on the Surrey MUX while you have some spare capacity? The UK needs some trials of DAB+ as it is widespread across Europe. A parallel trial at the same bitrate of DAB and DAB+ and a call for feedback from listeners. Most UK receivers can process DAB+ these days and it would give you some good publicity.

    1. Matt Post author

      I think ‘good publicity’ is perhaps a little generous. We completed the first trial of DAB+ last year, which was very useful, but I’m not sure the value of another one particularly. The next big shift is going to be the one (or more?) DAB+ stations on D2. That’s going to be better at information gathering than another short trial I think.


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